Is Coulomb force between charges logical?

What is the principle of the force that the same charge collects? How much charge can be collected? Is it possible with Coulomb force ? What other principle of collective force is there? (訳)同じ電荷が集合する力の原理は何か?どれ程の電荷集合量迄可能か?クーロン力で可能か?他にどんな集合力の原理があるか?

Coulomb force is the basic of charge theory. The mystery in the theory of charge is “whether there is no contradiction in why they are discussed on the assumption that the same charge are collected.” (訳)電荷論の基本にはクーロン力が在る。その電荷の理論での不思議は『何故同一電荷が集合することを前提に論議されるのかに矛盾はないのか』という事である。

There is no “concept of force” for no object that cannot assume acceleration. “Charge” cannot define acceleration. Therefore, there is no logic in charge theory to discuss “force” in dynamics. (訳)加速度を伴わない物に『力の概念』は有り得ない。『電荷』には加速度を定義できない。だから、電荷論には力学上の『力』を論じる論理性がない。

Coulomb’s law does not include the underlying mass of the concept force. So it cannot be a formula that expresses the “force” in dynamics.  (訳)クーロンの法則は力の概念の基となる質量を含まない。だから“力”を表明する式とは成り得ない。



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